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Project Management Foundation & Hands-on training

This project management program applies to individuals who need to strengthen their project management skill sets, government, military, construction, telecommunication, Oil & …


    This project management program applies to individuals who need to strengthen their project management skill sets, government, military, construction, telecommunication, Oil & Gas, manufacturing, financial, information technology, health care, and educational institutions.

    Successfully managing a project requires effective planning and management using best practices in each phase of the project’s life cycle. This course emphasizes hands-on approaches to effective project management consistent with the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)®. The course thoroughly analyzes techniques for dealing with stakeholders throughout the project, managing scope, time, cost, resources, milestones, quality and risk.

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    *What you get*

    – In-Class, Live Online or Video Training
    – Course materials
    – 8 weeks of Project Management Training
    – Weekly 1-on-1 hands-on training
    – Group Discount
    – Work on Live Project
    – Live interaction with internationally trained instructors
    – Certificate of Completion

    Course Outline:

    *Project Management Overview*

    – Project Life Cycle
    – Skills Required for a Project Manager
    – Project Manager Responsibilities
    – Introduction to Project
    – Definition of Operation Work
    – Definition of Project Work
    – Project Organization

    *Initiating the Project*

    – Project Evaluation and Selection
    – Project Phases
    – Identifying Project Stakeholders

    *Planning The Project*

    – Estimation & Scheduling
    – Risk Management
    – Procurement & Contracting
    – Standard Roles & Responsibilities

    *Monitoring and Controlling*

    – Planning for Quality
    – Planning for Communications
    – Managing Change Request
    – Tracking the Project

    *Closing The Project*

    – Closing Individual Phases
    – Conducting lessons learned
    – Closing the Project
    – Celebrating your project success

    *Case Studies/Hands-on*

    *Launching Your Project*

    – Confirming project sponsorship and business ownership
    – Clarifying the role of other managers and third parties
    – Gaining the support of subject matter experts

    *Planning Process*

    – Identifying and estimating the work
    – Working with project stakeholders
    – Defining scope with Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
    – Driving the plan down to manageable tasks
    – Identifying and securing project resources

    *Managing the Project*

    – Project Kick-Off
    – Calculating project duration
    – Building and analyzing Gantt charts using Microsoft Project (MS
    – Avoiding the common causes of project failure
    – Building a real-time feedback loop
    – Managing stakeholder expectations

    *Managing project risks*

    – Identifying project risks and assumptions
    – Assessing risk probabilities and impacts
    – Assigning Risk Ownership
    – Planning appropriate responses and actions

    *Reporting project status*

    – Communicating status to stakeholders
    – Creating milestone reports
    – Weekly and Monthly Reports

    *Successful Project Closure*

    – Conducting a post-project review
    – Conducting lessons learned
    – Closing out the project
    – Celebrating your project success

    Course Curriculum

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    About Envision

    Envision Learning Solutions is a subsidiary of IBH Consulting Inc. with headquarter in Toronto, Canada. We specialize in Hands-on Training in Project Management, Business Analysis, Leadership, New Venture Creation, Career mentorship and Coaching. Envision Learning Solutions delivers top-notch training across North & South America, Europe, Middle East, different parts of Africa and Nigeria.

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